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The word is out there! But where can I find it?

The word is out there! But where can I find it?

Hello all! It’s Sami and I’m here to tell you what I did today.  Today as some of you know we got some snow.  Not as much as forecasted, but snow none the less.  So to let you all know that the museum was still open I called into the KLOE radio with Curtis Duncan during the “Marketplace” segment when people can call in with community information.  Which made me think of all the media the museum uses.

To get the word out to the public about what is going on at the museum there are several information distribution systems that we use.  We use the radio-KLOE, newspaper-Goodland Star News, press releases to area newspapers, mass emails, and social media such as facebook, twitter, this blogs, posters, and fliers.  These will all contain when, where, and what kind of event is happening.  Radio and newspapers are a great way to hear about the museum because they reach such a large audience.  By using social media we are able to tell stories about objects in the museum, around town, and share with you what’s happening at the museum in a little more detail.  Posters and fliers are great ways to have a reminder or catch someone’s eye.  Newspapers, social media, posters and fliers also allow us to show you some pictures.  Whether it is an object or an event that happened at the museum you will be able to see the fun we are having!  All of these various types of media help us get the word out to the public.

Since more and more is going on at the museum, we need places to share with everyone when an event is happening.  By using these types of media it is easier for us to get the word out.  Whether is it through the radio, newspaper or a poster, getting the word out is important!

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