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Repaint, Repair, Relaunch!

Repaint, Repair, Relaunch!

Cameron Cross Returns

Repair! Repaint! Relaunch! Cameron Cross returns this summer to celebrate and reinvigorate the Big Easel painting in Goodland.

The Big Easel has stood in Goodland celebrating art and sunflower agriculture for 11 years. Installed on June 19, 2001, the painting by artist Cameron Cross is a reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s Three Sunflowers in a Vase painted in Arles, France in 1888. This summer the artist of the Big Easel has returned to Repaint, Repair, and Relaunch the massive public sculpture. Take a drive down to Pioneer Park in the coming weeks to view the artist in action as he repairs and repaints the painting.

To find out more information about the Big Easel, explore our blog and visit The Big Easel Project website. To interact with the Big Easel, drop by the Museum this Saturday from 1 to 5pm to paint your own version of the Big Easel on a t-shirt ($5 donation).

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