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“Working cowboys are the embodiment of the true American spirit.” Clint Eastwood

“Working cowboys are the embodiment of the true American spirit.” Clint Eastwood

Gathering Remnants movie poster“There is a code of the
west. It’s not just a punch line. It’s not a joke—it’s the real thing.” – Baxter Black

The American cowboy is a treasured cultural icon, long existing as a symbol of hard work, freedom, and heartland values. The story of work for cowboys is documented in Gathering Remnants, a film from director Kendall Nelson.

Join us at the Sherman Theater, January 12th at 1:30 PM to view a free screening of the film.

Despite the march of time and evolution of work, cowboys remain on ranches across the United States. While a small number remains, the methods and tradition of hard work continue. Gathering Remnants takes viewers into the lives of Ruth Jackson, Mark Jensen, Tom Hall, Darrin Pfeifer, and Sticker Wiggins and lets these real cowboys tell their own stories – granting access to the inner-workings of the cowboys’ minds as they reveal their personalities, quirks, and most intimate beliefs. These “buckaroos,” as they call themselves, will surprise you with their tales and perhaps prompt you to question your own life choices.

Watch the trailer here.

Funding for The Way We Worked Documentary series is provided by the Kansas Humanities Council and is sponsored by the High Plains Museum and Sherman Theater. Experience the heritage of American Work at the High Plains Museum through The Way We Worked, a traveling Smithsonian exhibit on display through January 27.

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