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Preserve your heritage this MayDay!

Preserve your heritage this MayDay!

Do you have photographs or objects around your house that you would like to know how to care for?  The High Plains Museum would like to help you!  Every year Heritage Preservation encourages museums, libraries, historical societies and archives to set aside one day to offer programs dealing with preservation.  The day is May 1, or MayDay and the High Plains Museum will be offering two programs on preservation.

The first program will be held at 12:00 PM on May 1st at the High Plains Museum.  This will be a 45 minute brief overview of how to care for your photographs, quilts and glassware.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch for the talk.  The second program will held at 5:00 PM at the High Plains Museum and will be an hour long workshop.  The program will feature a hands-on workshop for ways of storing photographs, quilts and glassware.

We encourage you to come out and celebrate MayDay with the High Plains Museum and Heritage Preservation.  Learn how to care for your family treasures and help ensure they’ll be around for future generations to learn about.  For more information go to Heritage Preservation or Kansas Cultural Heritage Emergency Resources Network.

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