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High Plains Museum | PM030ENTERT Dedication of Gulick Park
High Plains Museum |
Dedication of Gulick Park

Goodland has had some very prominent doctors over the years, and one such doctor was Doctor A.C. Gulick.  Born in 1869 in Wisconsin he earned his degree at the Medical College at Philadelphia and took classes at the Chicago School of Medicine and the University of Kansas and spent time with the Mayo Brothers.  He chose Goodland as his home and set up his practice in 1900.  He married Ella M. Morse in 1902 and together they had five children.  Gulick delivered 1,841 babies during his time as doctor in Goodland and served as the county corner for 35 years.  He was also an active member of our community.  He was a member of the Goodland Lodge, Masonic Order, Rotary Club, was on the board of directors of the Goodland Savings and Loan and served as a member of the Goodland School Board.  Due to all his accomplishments and services to the community Gulick Park was named after him in the 1950’s.  The picture on the left shows part of the dedication ceremony.  The two men on stage are Lester Sage, on the left, and Dr. M.J. Renner helping to dedicate the park behind the courthouse in honor of Dr. A.C. Gulick.

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