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The tooth is the hardest part of the body, but that doesn’t mean it is impenetrable.  Cavities can form even in the best cared for mouth.   Cavities form when the enamel covering the tooth becomes covered with plaque.  The plaque builds up and secretes acid.  This acid will eventually create a hole in the tooth, or cavity. Read more…

Sphygmomanometer.  We’ve all seen one before and probably even used one before; we just did not know its name.  So what is a sphygmomanometer you ask?

When you hear the word zither, what comes to mind?  Would a stringed instrument from Austria leap to yours?

Have you guessed the object?  It is a pinafore!  A pinafore according to Merriam-Webster is a sleeveless usually low-necked garment fastened in the back and worn as an apron or dress. 

Have you ever had a hat that lost its shape?  The way to prevent that would be a hat stand.  A hat stand can be short or tall.  All hat stands have a base with a rod and a knob at the top.  The difference in size comes from the difference in the size of the rod.  Read more…

Did you guess what the object was?  It was a spigot!  There are so many objects that we use every day that we simply take for granted.  One such object is the spigot or faucet.  According to Merriam-Webster, a spigot is a “device that controls the flow of liquid from a large container.” 

Most people have one these; in their business, home or both.  It is an extremely useful object but rarely used, which is a good thing.  An early version was first invented by a Greek about 200 BC and then in 1819 a Captain made a splash with his new invention.  What is this object?  It is a Read more…

The briefcase.  Many think it is an item that professionals use to carry documents and other items from place to place.  While this is true, the briefcase has also played an important role in history.

Germany was the center of production for this object that became a fingers best friend while sewing, a token of love and something Peter Pan has.  What is the object?  It is a thimble!