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It is believed that horses were first domesticated around 5,000 to 6,000 years ago.  Horses have helped make history in our country by helping us build communities, farm, build our industry and go to war.  Where were humans during this?  Either walking beside the horse or sitting in a saddle.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have to try and communicate a message to someone without a phone, radio, or computer?  What if all you had was a lantern?  Would you be able to send messages using signals?  That is exactly how railroad workers from the 1850’s to roughly the 1960’s would Read more…

Commercials during the holiday season portray these objects as something every man wants.  Put a bow on it and it’s ready to go!  Despite the fact that advertisements are geared toward the male population, many females also use this object.  What is this gender bending object?  A tool chest!

Businesses, public service jobs, and households probably have one.  This object may not see a lot of use, but when we need it, we know exactly where to go for it.  What is this object that so many of us use?  It is a First Aid Kit.

We’ve all seen important documents that have an official seal and a signature.  Did you know that the signature belongs to a notary and the seal or stamp they use is an official sign that says the person signing that document was honest and knew what they were signing?

Most of us carry one on a daily basis.  We use it when we go shopping, out to eat or need to show our ID.  What is this object?  It is a wallet.

Ever heard of a pasta strainer or kitchen sieve?  If you cook I’m guessing you have one in your house. A pasta strainer and kitchen sieve are two names for the colander.

Have you ever pumped up an air mattress or a basketball with a foot pump?  If not you can imagine the work that goes into that.  Now can you imagine a time when you had to pump your fire either in your home or business.  While we might not be able to imagine it today many people Read more…

Canteens have been used by many people in different situations.  They are perhaps best known for being used by service men and women.  Originally canteens used by soldiers were made of wood with a nozzle.  Soon materials like tin, aluminum or other types of metal were used to make canteens.

Sugar cookies in different shapes, pies, and pizza crusts; three foods most of us can’t get enough of.  Did you know that these three foods share something in common?  Before they are baked they are rolled flat by an object that most of us have in our kitchens but may not be used frequently.  This object is a Read more…